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Black & White Summer Embroidery

Hello everyone! Before my recent vacation I went on a big Zara haul, I love a good excuse to go shopping! Of course, shortly after my haul, Zara released their semi-annual sale. Is it just me or does it always stings a little when you buy something and then see it go on sale?! Oh

Black & White Summer Embroidery | Until The Very Trend

Pastel Palettes & Tiny Florals

  Urban Outfitters has been killing it this summer. There was a moment a few months back where I was about to give up on them, I felt that their styles were getting too ‘basic’, and too ‘young’. Maybe I had a fever that was making me delusional or something because Urban has had amazing

Pastel Palettes & Tiny Florals | Until The Very Trend

Flashback Trend: The Denim Mini Skirt

      My mom used to tell me growing up: ‘everything always comes back’. I would laugh at her as she went through her closet pulling out jean jackets, flared jeans, and embroidery/ sequins galore. I would tell her: ‘none of that will ever be back in style’. And I’m sure my snobby teenage self

Flashback Trend: The Denim Mini Skirt | Until The Very Trend

The Everything Denim Trend

As we know trends change faster than light speed.  Fast fashion has figured out the perfect algorithm to keep us spending so that we too can have the latest and greatest. I am definitely a victim of this. But, every so often, a trend comes a long that might actually last. Denim jeans have obviously

The Everything Denim Trend | Until The Very Trend

Friday Favorite: Frayed Jeans

        Frayed jeans seem soooo 70’s but, they’ve been making a big comeback. Weirdly I’m not someone who’s big on wearing shorts, in the summer I tend to opt for dresses, skirts, and cropped pants. I got these pants on a great sale, it was the perfect opportunity to try the frayed look. When

Friday Favorite: Frayed Jeans | Until The Very Trend