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Blogger Inspired: Boho Chic In Velvet Blazer and Ripped Jeans

This outfit was inspired by one of my favorite San Diego bloggers, Hunt For Styles. Is it creepy that I get excited when I see her photos on Instagram were taken where I take my photos? Even just typing that makes me feel like a creep. I promise I don’t stalk her. More than anything,

Blogger Inspired: Boho Chic In Velvet Blazer and Ripped Jeans | Until The Very Trend

Pearl Sweater & Satin Trousers

I do a lot of everyday fashion on here, today I wanted to switch it up and do something more formal. I feel so classy and sophisticated when I wear an outfit like this. However, it’s very rare that you’d find me wearing this, not because I don’t want to, it just doesn’t fit my

Pearl Sweater & Satin Trousers | Until The Very Trend

Mix N’ Match: Leather, Plaid & Bling

These pieces individually are so different. We have a plaid shirt with girly ruffles; sexy, skin tight, bad ass leather leggings; and a glam silver beaded purse. How I came to putting these all together- I have no idea. Originally this was going to be posted around Christmas as an alternative holiday look. Like maybe

Mix N’ Match: Leather, Plaid & Bling | Until The Very Trend

Lux Gold and Military Style Jacket

Happy Friday! How many of you shopped the ZARA sale?! Literally help me. I got this adorable military jacket for just $40 and the shoes for $30. I had originally bought the shoes before the sale and paid $50, but they went on sale right after I received them so I rebought them. Anyone else

Lux Gold and Military Style Jacket | Until The Very Trend

Trend Alert: Exposed Structure

Hello lovies! I have a cool trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of to share with you today. This trend comes in many forms, but the overall theme is exposed structure on the outside of the garment. Whether it be stitching, ribbing or seams. It’s an out-from-under architectural element that creates a shapely design.

Trend Alert: Exposed Structure | Until The Very Trend