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Blue Stripes & Bows: The Perfect Jumpsuit

      I’m obsessed with one-and-done pieces! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I wear a lot of dresses! For today’s post I switched it up a little and went with a jumpsuit. This ASOS jumpsuit is seriously the perfect jumpsuit for summer. There are so many reasons why I love it! Firstly, the bows at

Blue Stripes & Bows: The Perfect Jumpsuit | Until The Very Trend

Summer Shoe Edit

   I feel like I talk about the weather a lot in my posts but, I’m so excited to see the sun coming back out! Part of the reason I’m in San Diego is because I’m a sun lover, everyone here is so spoiled that a few days without the sun feels like an eternity.

Summer Shoe Edit | Until The Very Trend

Wood Platform Shoes For Summer

        I decided that these shoes deserved their own post! I received so much love when I last posted these shoes, and had so many comments asking where they were from, I had to share! Well ladies, the search is over, they’re from Nasty Gal! These wood platform shoes have become one of

Wood Platform Shoes For Summer | Until The Very Trend

Seeing Stars

      Did you notice the star trend? I slowly started noticing bloggers posting star cluttered looks a few months ago, and more recently I’ve been noticing the pattern popping up while I browse my favorite clothing stores. I purchased this wrap dress during a massive Topshop sale. I love/hate having a Topshop so close to

Seeing Stars | Until The Very Trend

Girl Boss Logo Tee’s

       #Girlboss has started a revolution. The desire go be a Girl Boss is exactly what drove me to start this blog. For me being a girl boss is all about being free. Freedom from things like stereotypes and gender norms so that we can define ourselves as individuals, freedom from having to

Girl Boss Logo Tee's | Until The Very Trend